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The work

By means of various actions, Via Veneto develops the image and mediatisation of each firm it works with, as well as its products among journalists and several public forums.

The mission

Via Veneto works like a true ambassador for the firms that choose it. We work on the long term in correlation with the strategic plans of our clients

The operations

• Management of a Showroom • Creation and Edition of press releases and press kits (product or corporate) • Event Organisation and Management (press trips, sponsorings…) • Partnerships with the press (game contest, goods exchanges…) • Product Placement in TV, Cinema, Music… • Drawing up of / hatching Media-Plannings

Scope of intervention

• Press & Public Relations • Events Organisation and Mediatisation (conferences / press trips…) • Press Promotion (game-contests/ goods exchanges…) • Sport and Culture Sponsorings • Press Monitoring (by sector or in comparison with competitors) • Press-Books

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