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V for Very important tools of communication, PR today are invaluable in the positive portrayal of businesses.

I for Italy. Having lived in Italy for 15 years, Christophe Marsella uses his linguistic and cultural knowledge to help foreign compagnies aiming to penetrate the Italian market, or Italian compagnies setting their sights on foreign markets. His international PR network enables him to create a global communication system. His appreciation of federations and fashion industry shows strenghens his prized advice and overview on economic realities.

A for Attentive to the evolution of the market and new trends, for consistent and on point advise.

V for Vogue, for a permanent presence in fashion editorials.

E for Experience : several years of experience in fashion PR make the strength and richness of the agency.

N for New ideas in the edition of press kits.

E for Energy – a youthful and sharp enthusiasm.

T for Textile and its accessories : These are the fields where the know-how of the agency is brought to light.

O for Opportunity to get know by the public through, thanks to press publications.

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